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0.5050: Procedure for Investigation in Case of Malpractices




  1. Every bonafide learner shall ordinarily be allowed to keep terms for the given semester in a program of his enrolment, only if he fulfills atleast seventy five percent (75%) of the attendance taken as an average of the total number of lectures, practicals, tutorials etc. wherein short and / or long excursions / field visits / study tours organized by the college and supervised by the teachers as envisaged in the syllabus shall be credited to his attendance for the total no. of periods which are otherwise delivered on the material day/s. Further it is mandatory for every Learner to have min. 50% attendance for each course & average attendance has to be 75%.
  2. The same ratio shall be applied for computing the attendance of the learners by crediting the number of periods which are missed whi le par t icipat ing in an extracurricular / co-curricular activity / competition / camp / workshop / convention / symposium / seminar etc. where the said learner is officially representing the college with the permission of the Principal or by the direction of the University Officer as the case may be wherein for the purpose of computing the average attendance the periods missed for what is envisaged here in-above shall be deemed to have been attended by the said learner.
  1. The candidate may be served a show cause notice and made aware of the charges / allegations reported against him to prepare his / her defence at the time of his / her appearance before the Unfair Means Inquiry Committee and informing him / her thereby, of the proposed action to be taken in his / her case with a request to reply to the show cause notice as to why the action proposed under it should not be taken against him / her.
  2. The reply received by the Committee from the candidate when he / she appears before it, will be considered by the Committee and the final recommendation in the matter be made.
  3. The punishment finally awarded can be equal to or less than what is mentioned in the show cause notice, but not more than what is mentioned therein.
  4. The College Unfair Means Inquiry Committee is a recommendatory body. The Principal has to exercise his / her power. The broad categories of unfair means resorted by students at the University / College / Institution examinations and the quantum of punishment for each category thereof.


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