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About KLE Society 

Karnataka Lingayat Education (KLE) Society emphasizes on the  sound mind and healthy body for spiritual enlightenment and  social transformation. The Foundation of KLE Society was laid on November 13,1916 by seven young teachers remembered as “Saptarishis” who had a vision to spread the light of education amongst all sections of society. This initiation further ushered in a new dawn in the realm of education. The society is growing unstoppably thereafter from strength to strength. At present there are 300 institutions, in the diverse faculties ranging from Arts, Science, Commerce, Medicine, Engineering, Dental, Pharmacy, Architecture, Law, Nursing, Ayurveda, Management, IT and Computer Science catering services from kindergarten to Post graduation and Professional research. KLE is a vibrant Society led by our charismatic Chairman, Dr. Prabhakar Kore who has completely transformed lives through his relentless effort, commitment and contributions through health care and education.

About KLE College  

KLE Society’s Science and Commerce College, Kalamboli is one of the proud branches of KLE Society. KLE College, a minority Higher Educational Institution, located at Kalamboli, Navi Mumbai made its prosperous beginning in the year 2013 and has evolved over the years. The College has been affiliated to the University of Mumbai since the time of its inception in 2013. We at KLE are committed to offering quality learning experience in diverse educational programmes.

Institute Distinctiveness

Changing lives; Enriching Future

An educational institution’s distinctiveness can be defined as its particular traits and attributes that sets it apart from similar institutions in terms of its mission, vision, values, academic programs and support services. Institutional distinctiveness refers to the unique practices which are different from other institutions. The institute aims to envisage its vision and mission statement through well planned system which helps students to achieve academic, sports, cultural excellence in their career. We at KLE, consider our distinctiveness as “DOING SAME THINGS; DIFFERENTLY”.

The Institute places a strong emphasis on students’ overall development and offers them all the tools and resources necessary to support it. This is one of the Institute’s most defining characteristics; a quick explanation is provided below.

The complete development of the pupils is ultimately achieved as a result of NAAC’s emphasis on educational quality. Therefore, the student-centered activities at the institute are created for their overall growth. It consists of five aspects: Intellectual, Social, Physical, Emotional growth and Research Capacity Building.

Academic Sphere

The first and most important characteristic of the institute is its dedication to excellence in education. This includes the provision of high-quality educational programs in various fields.

The institute implements its curriculum through well-planned and effective teaching activities. It has highly-skilled faculty andadvanced facilities that allow students to gain the knowledge and skills they need to excel in their field.

The institute stands for its emphasis on holistic development, which includes providing students access to a variety of extracurricular activities beyond conventional classroom setting. In addition to its academic programs, the institute also offers additional soft skill training courses. For example, the institute offers supplementary soft skills training courses that help students to develop the soft skills as well as business etiquette that are essential for success in today’s global economy.Mentors, counselors, business leaders, experts in their fields and innovators expose pupils to new ideas and concepts throughout their educational programs thereby preparing them for workforce.

The institution creates provisions for offering supplemental courses to address the need by proactively identifying needs based on market trends. Through assignments like minor and major projects, the students are given the opportunity to work on pertinent issues relevant to society and business. Regular industry trips and an internship expose student to the workplace. The institute also conducts a number of programs to provide students practical experience using the most recent technologies. Students are encouraged to approachindustries for a variety of projects. The departmental fests are elements of encouraging students to gain practical experience.

Non Academic Sphere

Inclusion of social, cultural, and physical skills in addition to their academic skills is another characteristic of the college. To meet the needs of the students, the college provides the space for sports and cultural activity. Institutes provide all the necessary facilities for students to participate in varied sports activities. Students also participate in cultural activities like dance and music, posters, model exhibitions, and debate competitions, etc.

The institutes conduct activities such as visit to orphanage, rallies and poster exhibition on social issues, volunteer work to develop social skills among students as well as creating awareness about social issues and challenges in society. These activities result in sensitization of students towards social issues and skills such as communication, teamwork, leadership and decision making abilities are developed in the students for their all-round personality development and thereby preparing them for their future career.

The institutes understand that the knowledge gained by students should not be restricted to classrooms only, but go beyond the boundaries of the classroom. The social issues such as female infanticide, communalism, caste discrimination, issues of woman need to be understood and awareness among the masses need to be created, for that purpose the students are encouraged to do extension activities. The Institutes in collaboration with local authority’s conduct activities such as street play on awareness on issues such as female infanticide, poster presentation, debate competition etc.

Physical Development: Regular physical activity helps to improve physical health, which can lead to academic success. The institute has taken efforts to promote the physical fitness among the students through sports events and provision of gym facility. The institutes conduct Annual sports day every year.Physical activity helps students work together as a team or group, which helps them develop positive, social, and problem-solving skills. Students learn how to work together and reach their goals.

Emotional Development

The Institute places an emphasis on the emotional intelligence of its students. A mentorship relationship is established between the Mentor and Mentee, which is held at least once a month. During these meetings, students can discuss their academic and personal progress.

Overall, the institute shows its dedication to creating all-around, capable, and ethical pupils who are ready to make a difference by providing top-notch education, lots of extra-curricular activities, and support for sports and culture. That’s why KLE graduates are found to work hard while taking on their responsibilities after graduation, and are proven to be smart, moral, and socially committed. No matter where they go, they’ll leave their mark.

Research Capacity Building- “The Need & Way Forward

Research capacity building activities educate students on various aspects of research through seminars and workshops and make ongoing research projects more approachable for the students. Students are encouraged to write papers in journals and participate in research conferences which leads to their overall development. The college is committed to developing citizens who will strengthen the country’s economy.

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