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Chairman’s Message



Dr. Prabhakar KoreDr. Prabhakar Kore

The quest for knowledge, insight and wisdome is an integral part and parcel of our lives. The more we learn, the more we realize that we know so little. A revelation of how much we don’t know will continue to motivate and encourage us, providing the thrust needed for more learning in the future.

While commending the utility of constant learning, Henry Ford the famous entrepreneur and philanthropist, once quoted-
“Anyone who stops learning becomes old, whether 20 or 80, Anyone who keeps learning stays young forever.” Great learning must be accompanied by an ardent willingness to listen to others. this is important and should not be glossed over or forgotten. Times are changing. People are beginning to realize the importance of ideas and the power of inclusive thinking and learning.

  • We need inspiration, not just information.
  • We need passion, not pettiness.
  • We need courage, not cowardise.
  • We will reach our destination with descipline and deep thinking, certainly not with dalliance and diversion.

The descipline of action, may give rise to inadvertent mistakes sometimes, but is considered far more preferable to safe and sedate living. Discipline, KLE has discovered through experience, has an intrinsic ability to self perpetuate. This sense of discipline is the secret of all OUR HOLISTIC APPROACH to education at KLE.

So, we all should feel proud to be a proud partner and stake holder of KLE family. Last but not the least, with the following famous quote of William A. Ward, I would advise all the young and beautiful minds to –

  • “Plan purposefully,
  • Prepare for our goals collectively,
  • Proceed on your choosen path positively,
  • Persue your objectives persistently”.
  • Keep reading and enjoy learning….. and LEAD to READ…..
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