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Attendance Committee


The Attendance committee in KLE Society’s Science & Commerce College is responsible for monitoring for ensuring that students are attending their classes regularly. They use an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software system to maintain and monitor attendance records.

The ERP software is a computer-based system that allows the teachers to record student’s attendance data, including the date, time, and duration of their presence in the class. It also helps in keeping track of students who are absent.

The ERP software provides various features that aid faculties in their tasks. It allows them to generate reports and statistics regarding attendance, which can be used to assess the overall attendance trends and identify areas that require improvement.

The committee routinely checks the attendance records of students and identifies any patterns of irregularity or excessive absence. They may also send automated SMS to students & parents who are consistently absent.

The committee works closely with faculty members to collect attendance data on a regular basis. They collaborate with the ERP system administrators to set up and maintain the attendance module within the system. This includes configuring the system to meet the college’s attendance policies, rules, and requirements.

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