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Department of Botany



About Department

The Department of Botany came into existence on the elevation of KLE Society’s Science & Commerce College, Kalamboli in 2014. The department has grown their expertise and competence in curriculum over the years. The department has highly qualified and dynamic faculty members.


  • To empower students through quality education in Botany.
  • To foster interest in the students for the subject of Botany.
  • To create awareness of the basics and modern concept of Botany.
  • To make aware of natural resources and environment and the importance of conversing it.
  • To develop the ability for the application of acquired knowledge in the fields of life to make our country self-reliant and self- sufficient.


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First Prize in Poster Presentation Category - Disaster Management at IWSA, Mumbai on 10.02.2024
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Qualification: M.Sc. Ph.D.
Experience: 14 Years
Email: prakash.b@klessccmumabi.edu.in

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