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The Department of Chemistry of KLE Society’s Science and Commerce College, Kalamboli, Navi Mumbai was established in 2013. In our Department teaching and research are synergistic to each other. The Department offers Chemistry courses (core) for B.Sc.Programmeand M.Sc. programme with two different specializations-Organic and Analytical Chemistry. The Department of Chemistry give hands on practice for Experiments and also organizes Workshops, Seminar, and National Conferences on thrust areas of Chemical Sciences to develop Scientific temperament in students. Our Faculty are committed to advancing science through publications, creation of intellectual property, outreach activities, seminars and education of the scientific workforce. The Faculty will engage in translational research to help increase the economic impact of research on our community. In order to give Industrial and research exposure to students, we conduct Industrial Visits and summer internship programme for Under graduate and Post graduate students.


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Why BSc Chemistry?

Yes, there are a host of job options that you can opt for after completing your BSc in Maths. Some of these include:

  1. Three years of BSc Chemistry not just talk about Chemistry but also for other subjects like Physics, Maths, and Biology through separate Subjects or integrated subjects.
  2. Candidates will get an understanding of all the basic concepts that they have studied in school with an in-depth knowledge of those topics and an understanding of new dimensions of chemistry as well.
  3. It will also provide them the connection of chemistry and other subjects through topics like Biochemistry, Earth Science, Industrial Science, and Pharmacology, and so on.
  4. And after all, an opportunity to learn all the magic of Chemistry that works in our everyday living world.

What to do After BSc Chemistry?

After completing BSc Chemistry from any recognized institution of India, candidates have several options in terms of higher education and career opportunities. One can go for Masters or M.Sc or M.Tech courses in related fields like in Biochemistry, Chemistry, Biotechnology, Data Analytics, Pharmacy and so on. One can also move to other fields of Technologies like for M.Tech in Chemical Engineering and others.

Later one can go for Ph.D. courses in Chemistry, Biochemistry, and other related subjects as well if one is interested in research fields. Some of the higher studies options after BSc in Chemistry are:

  1. M.Sc in Chemistry.
  2. M.Sc in Biochemistry.
  3. M.Sc in Applied Chemistry.
  4. M.Sc in Analytical Chemistry.
  5. M.Sc in Physical & Materials Chemistry.
  6. Ph.D. in Chemistry.
  7. Ph.D. in Applied Chemistry.
  8. Ph.D. in Biochemistry.
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