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Department of Life Long Learning and Extension (DLLE)


The Department of Lifelong Learning and Extension [DLLE] (known earlier as Department of Adult and Continuing Education and Extension) established on October 12, in the Year 1978 and has been recognized as a statutory Department of the University of Mumbai since 1994 to promote a meaningful and sustained rapport between the Universities and the community. The DLLE seeks to facilitate the sensitization of students to socio-cultural realities. Degree College Students take up extension work projects related to social issues, for which As per the Ordinance 229.A of the University of Mumbai, the Extension Work Students who successfully complete Extension Work of 120/240 hours as per University rules are eligible for 10 grace Marks.

The Department of Life Long Learning and Extension was established in KLE College Kalamboli from Academic year 2018-19. The main objectives of the DLLE to inculcate the Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Social Awareness and Creativity skills among the students.

Types of Projects under DLLE:

AnnapoornaYojana (APY)
Objective: To encourage students to try their hand at entering the field of small scale business and increase self-reliance approach.

Population Education Club (PEC)
Objective: Spreading awareness on burning social issues and increasing the knowledge about these among the public.

National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS)
Objective: To spread awareness about importance of education and encourage completion of education. To create awareness about concept of Open Schooling and to give information about NIOS.

Survey of Women’s Status (SWS)
Objective: To facilitate the college to obtain basic data about the status of women in the area of work.

Career Project (CP)
Objective: To help students to find out information about career and enable to learn the interview technique, method of collecting information and to know about job prospects of career being explored.

Industry Orientation Project (IOP)
Objective: It is a career oriented program empowering students with marketable work skills, so as to increase his/her employability.

Committee / Association Composition:

Events & Activities:

Career Conclave.

Career Conclave

CMA course counseling on 25th January, 2024.

Seminar on Understanding Ethics in Contemporary Society by DLLE Students on 2nd March 2023.

Seminar on Environmental Degradation by DLLE Students on 30th January 2023.

Seminar on Voter Awareness conducted on 30th August 2022.

(Students attending the Voter Awareness Program conducted by Raigad District Collector Office).

Two Day Career Exhibition on 5th and 7th March 2022.

(Inauguration and adress by Principal Dr.G.D.Giri at DLLE Career Exhibition-2022 )

(Students visiting the Career Exhibition and Clearing their doubt regarding career options)

Celebration of World Mental Day on 11th October 2021.

(Asst.Prof.MilindGurchal Explaining about Importance of Mental Health, (Students watching the documentary on Mental Health)

Two Days Food Festival on 19th and 20th December 2020.

(Principal I/C Dr. Usha Karunakaran Inaugurating the Food Festival , Faculties and students enjoying the Food stalls prepared by students)

Two Day Workshop on Disaster Management and Prepardeness on 14th and 15th September 2019.

(Photo: Mrs. Sujata veera Inaugurated the Workshop with I/c Principal Dr. Usha Karunakaran, Mr. Madhukar Kharat, Asst.Prof. Yogendra Dalvi, Asst .Prof. Milind Gurchal)

(Photo: Felicitation of guest by Asst.Prof. Yogendra Dalvi and Asst.professor Milind Gurchal)


(Photo: Dr. Surve demonstrating the CPCR with Rubber Puppet.)

Tree Plantation Drive by DLLE Students on 12th July 2019.

Two Day Career Exhibition on 15th and 16th January 2019.

(Project Displayed by Students at the Two Day the Career Exhibition).

(Principal Dr. Chandra Maurya and Director Dr. S.N. Shetti of KLE College visiting the Two Day Career Exhibition organized by DLLE on 15th and 16th January 2019).

(DLLE Raigad District Co-Cordinator Dr. B.S.Patil from CKT College Visited the Career Exhibition)

(Students volunteer and DLLE Co-OrdinatorAsst.Prof. MilindGurchal along with Dignitaries)


Qualification: M.Sc. Ph.D.
Experience: 14 Years
Email: prakash.b@klessccmumabi.edu.in

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