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Entrepreneur Development Cell


Entrepreneurship Development Cell in educational institutions to develop institutional mechanisms to create entrepreneurial culture in Students & Teachers. The objective of promoting entrepreneurship among the youth is to nurture a passion for self-employment. This will open gates for creation of new knowledge-based innovative hi-tech ventures, industries and new breed of technopreneurs and more avenues of employment opportunities thus turning job seekers into job creators and in the process, leading the nation towards industrial excellence and self-reliance. The Entrepreneurship Development Cell of this college aims towards achieving the above. Theeducation system should highlight the importance of entrepreneurship and prepare the students right from college education to get oriented towards setting up enterprises which will provide them creativity, freedom and ability to generate wealth.

Aims & Objectives:

  • To impart knowledge of the corporate sector through professional courses.
  • To develop the corporate skills among students.
  • To upgrade their knowledge by conducting study tours and field visits.
  • To provide a platform for internships in reputed companies.

Benefits for Students and College:

  • Skill Enhancement: EDC Cells provide opportunities for students to enhance their entrepreneurial and business skills, making them more employable and equipping them for future entrepreneurial endeavors.
  • Networking and Mentorship: Students can connect with experienced entrepreneurs, industry professionals, and mentors who can guide and support them in their entrepreneurial journey.
  • Practical Learning: EDC Cells promote experiential learning by providing hands-on exposure to real-world business challenges and opportunities.
  • Validation and Recognition: EDC Cells offer platforms for students to validate their ideas, receive feedback, and gain recognition for their innovative solutions or business concepts.

Entrepreneur Development Cell:

The Following will constitute for the Academic Year:2023-2024

Photo Gallery:

Entrepreneur Fair

Events & Activities Photo:

Activity- Enterprenuer Fair
Date- 07 Feb 2023

A Workshop on How to become An Entrepreneur: Demo Session


The First Meeting was held on saturday21/11/2023 at 11.00 am in the staff room and association discuss the following points:-


Qualification: M.Sc. Ph.D.
Experience: 14 Years
Email: prakash.b@klessccmumabi.edu.in

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