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Website Committee


The Website Committee is a supervisory and advisory body for the college. Its primary aim is to ensure that the college website is regularly updated, improved and well maintained. The objective of establishing a ‘Website Committee’ is to supervise all aspects of the website including updating content and troubleshooting technical issues for the institute website.

Aims & Objectives:

  • To disseminate the efforts and the achievements of the College, Students, Staff to the outer world through Website updates.
  • To identify and update academic, administrative and auxiliary functions.
  • To disseminate invaluable marketing and promotions across their professional networks Alumni creates a network which is beneficial to the engaged graduates.
  • To identify and enhance all programmes, activities, seminars, workshops offered by the institution are stated and displayed on the website.
  • To identify strategic initiatives for the website and present it to the governing body for review and updating.
  • To display core values, Vision & Mission Program outcomes, Program specific outcomes and course outcomes.
  • To display upcoming activities and its flyer for more information.
  • To review on the policies of college curriculum development, medium of instruction, assessment for learning, teaching and learning quality.


  • Regularly update the information/data given on the website under various Departments so as to have the latest and correct information about the institute at all times.
  • To consistently remove the incorrect and irrelevant data from the website of the college.
  • Collect information about the latest events in the institute, achievements, etc and get them posted on the website by way of write ups and pictures etc.
  • Update all communications, notices, announcements etc on a regular basis.
  • Strive to make improvement in the website with respect to design, contents, etc on a continuous basis.

Committee / Association Composition:

The Following will constitute the Website Committee for the Academic Year:2023-2024


Qualification: M.Sc. Ph.D.
Experience: 14 Years
Email: prakash.b@klessccmumabi.edu.in

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